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GALERIA OLIVAR MILLAN Vinos,Arte y Comida 2514 Calle Sur San Felipe Baja California Mexico

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Saints and Sinners


I can not separate myself of the learning I have had for 62 years of life.  It has taken me that long to learn to look carefully and not forget the essence of the faces, places, colors, smells and sounds.  Other concepts are difficult to share, like pain and passion,  life and death , hard work and exploitation, those are emotions  that only the interactionist can absorb from a piece of work.  That's when it becomes art. I can not forget the history  embedded in my DNA ,yet I try to make every moment my very own...and also part of the whole.
I live as it were my last breathe..for it just might be my last breathe.
Besides my work being an extension of me and representational to the viewer...I am also concerned with the paint ,organization and the abstract  qualities of the image. I work with line, shape, shape, texture etc.,but try not to the point of wanting to gain control of materials. I let the painting take its own evolutionary road. Not having control of the elements and creating the painting intuitively. I try not intellectualizing too much.....that challenge is too defeating for me.Art is  like breathing to me. and I know it helps me heal.
I work with the 3 primary colors. I create each painting by visualizing the rainbow and mixing the colors directly on the canvas , pretty much the way children do.
For I too am just a child.
Ruth Olivar Millan, MA Cross-cultural/ Multi-lingual Education ( a master's in Linguistics, education, sociology and History)  UC Berkeley Art and Latin American Studies, Spanish minor.  K-12 standard multi-subjects credential, Bilingual/Cross cultural education specialis.  Adult Education. Certified Breast Health Facilitator American Cancer Society.
Traveled world wide.
Wife of Richard Millan. HP engineer. Mother of Ricardo Olivar Millan,  Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Arts,   California Culinary Academy. Grand mother Cuca of Vivian Rose Millan.

africanmother.jpg CALENDARS each page a different paintingg of FRIDA



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Grand opening October 1, 2012
Galeria Olivar Millan :Vinos y Arte
Centro Cultural
2514 Calle Sur      (airport road )    Las Playas de San felipe
San Felipe, Baja California Mexico
cell phone: cell (408) 771-0672 -
 (408) 771-0672
408-464-0187       cell (408) 771-0672

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